Dance School Owners’ Survival Guide
Your ultimate guide to setting up and running a successful dance school.
This book is written from an advantageous position of first-hand experience, and Sarah cleverly shares a wealth of strategic information that will save any new business thousands of hours, and in many cases, money!
Foundations are everything! Get them wrong and they can cost you thousands.

So don’t re-invent the wheel.

This step by step guide is here to help you achieve the dance school of your dreams.



The Student

The student, the dreamer, or the go-getter who wants to or is in the process of opening a dance / theatre school

The Buyer

Perfect for the buyer, if you are thinking of buying, or are taking over a dance school in the not so distant future!

The Owner

Running an established dance school: want new ideas, tweak your systems, or check you have everything covered?

The Team

Administration staff, the backbone of your school, this guide will help them run the dance school smoothly and efficiently.


what’s included?
This guide will arm you with the thought-leading knowledge, insight and skill that it takes to run a dance school, including:

What to expect before taking the plunge

The legalities

What genre of school you could open

Your budget, break evens and profitability

Finding your target customers



Launch Day

…And so much more!
This book is written from an advantageous position of first-hand experience, and Sarah cleverly shares a wealth of strategic information that will save any new business thousands of hours, and in many cases money!
about the author

Hello! I’m Sarah Gittins

I am a mum of 2 amazing handsome boys (I am biased!), so between the school run, I fit in work! It’s hard, and it’s a juggling act, but any mum understands that keeping all the balls in the air is difficult. My dance school was my first baby – so technically I have 3! I started dancing at 3, led through the traditional exam structure of ballet, tap and modern. Numerous competitions, shows and events, led me to college and then onto my BA Hons in Performing Arts. After working abroad, I returned home to set up my dance school, forgoing the traditional (there were enough of them!) I started a non-exam, non-uniform based school, focusing on street and jazz dance.

Sarah launched The Dance Den 5 years ago to help Dance and Theatre School Owners like herself find balance in their life whilst running a successful school. Having run her own school for over 22 years, there was a point where she was stressed and struggling. She then transformed the way she works and still runs a 330+ strong, multi venue school on 2 days a week! (ps also takes 3 holidays a year!) She now teaches other Dance/Theatre school owners; how to have a thriving school with a life outside of it.

Sarah created The Den to be a sanctuary, a membership programme with access to business modules, discounts to recommended companies, approved status and most importantly a group to share, get help and support from. Sarah has also created The Performance Business Planner, Show Planner and spoken on numerous stages, podcasts in the UK and America, also featured in The Dancing Times. She has led trainings for the ISTD, BBO and IDTA. What you get with her is straight talking business sense, she has the t-shirt in many colours and really comes from a place of experience.

On a fun note… Sarah once choreographed in 8 languages!

This is all REALLY from a place of experience – I literally have the t-shirt in every colour and then some!
The Dance Den is helping hundreds of dance school owners like you every day.

Don’t do this alone – you don’t need to!

Sarah x

Amazing book! Read it within two days and took such great advice from this. I started my dance school in April and am going to follow Sarah’s advice from Sept! I’m very happy to have read this, taken notes and have a clear view of my dance school now. Well worth a read for newbie dance school owners!

This was such an informative book – I wish it had been published 15 years ago when I started my dance school! It breaks down all areas that are essential when starting up your own dance business in an easy read.

Fabulous book for any dance teacher regardless of where in their journey they are! Simple tips to implement easily!

Great book, quick easy to pick out the relevant information & guidance

There is two ways of running a successful school, either learn from mistakes or read this book before you make them in the first place. It is obvious the author has ran a successful dance school for many years. I can not recommend this book highly enough.

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